dimanche 11 octobre 2009

Week Three: Louvre, Louvre and Louvre!

This week started out with an afternoon at the races for me and Kaelyn. We chose to conform and purchased little feathery flowery hair pieces. While ours were nice, they do not begin to compare to some of the fantastic works of hattery displayed by some of the distinguished visitors there.
"And they're off"!

This week was rather busy with three visits to the Louvre, a long art history test and a visite to "Carnavalet" which is a museum of Parisian history.

We saw several famous works including the Venus de Milo and la Joconde (Mona Lisa). It's sad how the tourists crowd around and don't even learn the history or look at them, they just take grinning, badly posed pictures in front of Venus and Mona. With the Mona Lisa, it's sort of amusing because she is a tiny little piece with a huge fence around her, and facing her on the opposite wall, usually with like 3 or 4 people looking at it, is this incredible, massive, colorful painting depicting lots of groovy religious scenes, the center of which is a flawless last supper. Sad how art becomes monuments, monuments become photo ops.
Poupard teachin'.

I got kinda distracted while wearing my Lolita glasses the other night... and there was lightning, which never helps me.

Right during a huge lightning strike

During the hourly 10 minute light show

Last night, taken by some fellow US expat students who asked us to take their picture. Shortly after this we got a banana split on a little cafe right over the seine. lovely!

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