dimanche 11 octobre 2009

First Week: Orientation, Sunshine and First Louvre Visite

This was the week Nora and I moved. As you can see, we have a very satisfactory location now. This was taken on our first walk to school. We don't walk across the bridge every day because we live right next to the metro but some days we both agree that the light over the seine is beautiful enough for it.
This is taken from where I am right now, at our favorite booth up the spiral staircase in McDonalds.
One more daily life shot, of where we eat our lunch. And feed the birds if we so choose.

We had our first Louvre visit on the 25th. The Pyramids designed by I.M. Pei reminded me much of being at Choate under the PMAC. Similar style. Our first trip was spent looking at Roman and Gothic sculptures. We discovered this ice cream stand in the Tuileries (the gardens in front of the Louvre) that has the best ice cream ever. Even the cone was fantastic (you can see me enjoying it farther down). Strawberry and apricot are our traditional flavors of choice. To complete our picturesque afternoon we sailed the mini-boats in the park. Lovely!

The following are from our visites at Saint Chapelle and Notre Dame. Pretty groovy places.

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